Explore Ville Schools Personal Achievements and Awards
Personal Achievements and Awards

    We believe that pupils who display positive attitudes towards and make positive contributions to the life and work of the school should be rewarded. The students are encouraged in the following ways:
     Children are rewarded for Personal Achievement with words of praise, comments in their books, smiley faces, stars, and by a Principal’s sticker awarded in the weekly Reward and Praise Assembly.
     Children are encouraged to make a positive contribution towards school with words of praise, comments in their books, star charts and by the award for each class of Person of the Month.  This award, which is won for effort, good behavior or special work, is given out at the weekly Reward and Praise Assembly.

    A Principal’s Letter of Praise is sometimes sent to parents of children who always make a good contribution to school life.  These letters are sent at the discretion of the teacher.
    A Prize Giving Ceremony is held in July each year to which parents are invited.    Subject prizes are given for all subjects and are awarded to the children who have made the most progress in a particular area.  Prizes are also awarded for sustained effort, personal achievement and community involvement.


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