Explore Ville Schools The Pre-School Curriculum
The Pre-School Curriculum

Curriculum packs are collections of subject materials designed to aid in learning about and enjoyment of a specific subject wise theme or topic. Each pack has been designed subject wise, grade and week wise to give introduction and suggested teaching methodology of all planned topics of each subject.

The Explore Ville Schools Curriculum and In-house publication packs are collections of materials that have been designed and aligned with 21st century Preschool educationist referred content designing. Included in each pack are developed and integrated In-house several books, textbooks and other resource items such as well as manipulative like puzzles or toys, to
help preschoolers enjoy and learn about important concepts. Subject wise curriculum follows a standard scope and sequence (what is taught and when), covering typical subjects and topics for each Preschool level. The core subjects – language/reading, general knowledge, math, Islamiat – are covered in detail and include vocabulary development, study skills, and thinking skills. Curriculum packs will be provided to all preschool teachers for each subject, clearly identifying week wise execution of lessons in each level of preschool. The curriculum packs or guides will define detailed weekly lesson plans. The teachers are required to study Curriculum pack in detail however they are encouraged to go beyond what is mentioned in the text books and curriculum content. Age appropriate attainment targets have been integrated and well explained in the curriculum packs as student move upward grade by grade.

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