Explore Ville Schools The Junior School Curriculum
The Junior School Curriculum

The Junior School course focuses on developing the whole child. Our integrated and experiential lessons are designed around some of the latest educational research. We aim to develop each child’s IQ, EQ and SQ through a variety of multi-sensory activities each day. Children are encouraged to be expressive and creative through experiential lessons in the classroom and out.
Our core academic subjects are English, Mathematics, Urdu, Science, Islamiyat, Computer Studies and social studies. Overall expectations for each subject, within each age range, are specified in detailed scope and sequence documents. This ensures that the disciplines are learned as related intellectual activities, and as distinct but related ways of understanding the world. Students increasingly make meaningful connections in and to their world, and they start to develop a wide range of intellectual tools with which to gain and process knowledge. Students are expected to significantly begin the development of open minded critical thinking, principled and balanced communicating, and to become caring and reflective members of their school community and the community at large.
 The Explore Ville Schools teaching approach enables all the students to grow and thrive confidently in a safe and supportive environment. The Explore Ville  Schools EVS will ensure its teachers being trained on the introduction and management of its teaching approach. Another aspect of the Junior level Programme – JLP course is to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills. This is achieved through a variety of programs and projects built into the yearly program.


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