Explore Ville Schools Criteria for becoming a EVS Franchisee
Criteria for becoming a EVS Franchisee

Explore Ville Schools are looking for candidates that will commit to our standards of educational excellence. We are looking for candidates with aptitude and capability. Buying an Explore Ville Schools chain enables you to achieve scale in your operations and this could result in a number of advantages. Opening a new school requires a learning curve, including proper understanding of perfect academic expertise, management processes and system communication procedures which you gain when you opt to become a ‘Explore Ville Schools’ Franchise. Opening and establishing a school is a tedious process, one that requires extensive academic and management experience, expertise and effort. However buying the Explore Ville franchise will facilitate you to have possession of a business with minimal hassle and will help you achieve scale in your operations.

We are looking for driven and committed individuals who have the passion to reform their communities. In addition you will need :

  • Successful academic/ business ownership/ management experience, ideally in education or service sector industry. If you do not have academic experience or if you are not managing day to day operations you need to hire an experienced administrator/ Principal/ Manager.
  • Minimum investment of capacity of Rs. 100,000
  • Minimum 4000 sq ft of Land for establishment of a campus with 10 rooms.

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