Explore Ville Schools Advantages for the Franchisee?
Advantages for the Franchisee?

Be Your Own Boss

Awareness for quality school in Pakistan is growing
Residential buildings of 4000sq m & above can easily be converted into EVS branches as per the School Set up criteria mentioned in our operations manuals .

  • Awareness for quality school in Pakistan is growing.
  • Residential buildings of 4000sq m & above can easily be converted into EVS branches as per the School Set up criteria mentioned in our operations manuals.
  • No working from 9-5. By owning your franchise you get easy work timings & holidays as per your children's holidays
  • Respect & Recognition for being a EVS partner.
  • A sense of fulfillment for impacting lives of the students.
Established Brand Awareness
  • The opportunity to benefit from EVS academic excellence & operational expertise.
  • A chance to associate yourself with a leading school chain.
  • Instant name recognition among thousands of schools in Pakistan.
  • Exclusivity in terms of Franchise Territory
Low Investment
  • Low start-up costs, faster return on investment (ROI) and high revenues as opposed to a new business.
  • Reasonable franchise and royalty fee.
  • Minimal initial Investment
Centralized Purchasing System
  • Centralized purchasing system to enable the franchisee to accrue the benefits of bulk buying from our vendor of books, uniforms, office furniture, school furniture and other paraphernalia.
Technology Support
  • Comprehensive& integrated software shall be provided to each franchisee for fee collection purposes.
  • Explore Ville Schools shall maintain, update & run a comprehensive & well integrated website on behalf of   the “Franchised School”.
Advertising & Promotion
  • The franchisor shall provide a Marketing & Media Toolkit including standard designs for flyers, ads for newspapers, print ads, billboards and banners etc.
School Set Up
  • Comprehensive guidance on school set up and  up gradation of infrastructure, concept planning, designing and  layout of interiors in the form of Franchise Specification Manuals.


Other Advantages

Franchise Services Specifications Manuals

The franchisor shall provide comprehensive operational guidelines in the form of management system manuals including Franchise Services Specifications manual, Academic, Curriculum Assessment Manual, HR, Admissions, Finance , Planning & Administration, Marketing & Branding Manual.

Training & Development

All teachers hired by Explore Ville Schools will be trained as per the latest trends and advancements in the field of education. The training will be carried out by our in house training department RAPID (Roots Academy for Professional and Intellectual Development).The RAPID team consists of highly specialized and experienced individuals, trained by national and international trainers,  who leverage their knowledge and expertise to develop teachers. The teachers shall be trained to use innovative teaching approaches and teach through the use of animated lessons, A.V aids, flashcards and science models etc.

Quality Assurance

Our Monitoring team will carry out periodic Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) visits in order to support and to ensure conformity to Explore Ville Schools quality & standards.   The M&E process will identify areas that need to be strengthened and improved thus realigning the school on the path of excellence. Standardized documents would be used in all franchise schools to ensure compliance to our acclaimed standards.

Curriculum Support

Our curricular offerings include Broad Based Curriculum for Pre School, Innovative ICT Curriculum and In house Jr. School Curriculum. This curriculum focuses on 21st century learning, critical thinking & project based approaches that enables students to reach their greatest potential. It’s an amalgamation of the latest global standards yet steeped with our national and cultural values that help teachers create engaging learning environments.  The curriculum features a range of learning activities using different tools, mapped to either the curriculum area or the 21st century education skills they develop  Instead of using the run of the mill methods, we use a highly specailzed in-house curriculum; extensively designed and formulated by our dedicated team of veteran curriculum specialists. The holistically designed curriculum benchmarked against international standards will cultivate analytical and creative abilities of the students. The curriculum books will include:

  • Guidelines for the teacher
  • Format for written work
  • Goals for the students
  • Overview Sheets
  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson Activity sheets
  • Evaluation Sheets
  • Test  Sheets

All the above contents shall be well defined and explained  in the lesson plan which includes objectives, teaching methodology, activity of the concept,  reinforcement and Teaching Methodology shall also be  explained in detail.

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