Explore Ville Schools Why EVS is the best choice for parents?
Why EVS is the best choice for parents?

  • Expectations

    Children from diverse backgrounds are given the opportunities to develop and enhance their innate talents and abilities. Expect our students to be confident, well-spoken and equipped with the capacity to bring change!
  • Faculty

    Qualified and extensively trained teachers who nurture appreciation and in depth understanding of the subjects. All subject teachers are trained, monitored and evaluated by the RSS. The positive change in your child will be a testimony of the dedication and devotion of the teachers.
  • Curriculum

    Our unique curriculum designed in house specifically caters to the changing trends and it will encourage students and teachers alike to adopt newer and innovative approaches to both learning and teaching.
  • Interactive Classrooms

    Learning curves of the students expand when they are taught in depth, rewarded and motivated generously, instructed with care & empathy and given a visually stimulating environment.
  • Extra –curricular Activities

    Children are taken on field trips to enhance and enrich their exposure to various facets of life.
  • English as Medium of Instruction

    Special focus and attention is given to improving the verbal skills of the students. Our Staff is proficient in English and children are encouraged to use English as means of communication.
  • Nationwide Presence

    Our school network across the nation will enable parents to easily transfer their children from one campus to the other without disrupting their studies.
  • Sibling Discounts

    Parents who have a number of children studying in the same branch can avail  discounts.

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