Explore Ville Schools Facilities


Our belief is that children who read have a richer imagination and are far more creative. Keeping this perspective in mind we are providing the students a well stocked library catering to their overall requirements, their teachers will encourage and inculcate the habit of reading books.

Learning Science Labs:

Well equipped labs facilitate the students in discovering the wonders of science. All experiments are done under the guidance and supervision of trained lab assistants

Computer Labs:

Modern and high tech labs with internet facility designed to help students become more interactive.

Sports Facilities:

Physical education is an integral part of the Explore Ville curriculum. Physical sports besides being enjoyable and healthy are, also instrumental in promoting teamwork, and a sense of achievement. Sports groom students to respond to challenges and to deal with disappointments. We offer a wide range of sports equipment for the students, cricket, football, badminton, table tennis are some of the favorites of our students.
All the outdoor activities are carried out under the supervision of PTI’s. Inter house competitions are periodically held to endorse feelings of friendship and loyalty amongst the students. Apart from the internal activities, students are also encouraged to take in national sports competitions.




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