Explore Ville Schools Explore Ville School Advantages
Explore Ville School Advantages

1.    Why choose Explore Ville Schools

For most parents choosing a school is one of the most crucial decisions to be undertaken, for it is this decision that will bring to fruition your child’s success. Lofty academic standards and instilling of noble qualities are the universal expectations of parents from any school; Explore Ville School pledges to provide its students a structured and a disciplined environment which provides opportunities for the overall development of the child.

Our motto is reflective of our commitment to provide an engaging and a challenging learning environment for our students. Explore Ville school strives to provide its students a positive, fulfilling and an innovative learning environment, which encourages students to develop high academic standards and equally high standards of behavior and respect. We offer a wide range of activities to extend learning and to promote qualities of leadership, teamwork, perseverance and integrity.

 The Explore Ville School Curriculum focuses on 21st century learning, critical thinking & project based approaches that enables students to reach their greatest potential. It’s an amalgamation of the latest global standards yet steeped with our national and cultural values that help teachers create engaging learning environments.  The curriculum features a range of learning activities using different tools, mapped to either the curriculum area or the 21st century education skills they develop.   It also includes course breakdown, teacher lesson plans and suggested teaching aids. 

We have an ambitious strategy for our students and we are committed to ensure that students gain maximum knowledge, skills and competence to succeed in all spheres of their lives. Our curriculum is designed to help each child uncover and develop his/her talents by focusing on their personal strengths. Students will also benefit from highest quality teaching and guidance.

  • Fostering Critical Thinking
  • Promoting Collaboration
  • 21st Century Teaching & Learning
  • Innovative ICT Curriculum
  • Values Inculcation
  • Broad Based Curriculum for Early Years
  • In house Junior School Curriculum
  • Standardized Assessments
  • Integrated Education Network across Pakistan 
  • Acclaimed  System of Education
  • Interactive Parent Teacher Meetings
  • English Medium Instructions 
  • Continuous Professional Development for teachers 
  • Holistic Development through co curricular activities


2.   Values Inculcation At The Explore Ville Schools:

      At the Explore Ville Schools, the children are encouraged to inculcate and practice the         following values.

1. Respect for and acceptance of authority

2Equality: the right and opportunity to develop one's potential as a human being

3Justice: equal and impartial treatment under the law

4Tolerance: the allowable deviation from a standard. Indulgence for beliefs or      practices differing from or conflicting with one's own 

5Patriotism:  love for Pakistan with zealous guarding of their authority and      interests.

6. Courage: willingness to face danger with determination 

7. Honor: a keen sense of ethical conduct one's word given as a guarantee of      performance

8. Respect for the Natural Environment: care for and conservation of land, trees,      clean air and pure water and of all living inhabitants of the earth 

9. Conservation: avoiding waste and pollution of natural resources 

10. Integrity: confirmed virtue and uprightness of character, freedom from hypocrisy

11. Honesty: truthfulness and sincerity 

12Truth: freedom from deceit or falseness; based on fact or reality 

13Trustworthiness: worthy of confidence 

14. Fairness and good sportsmanship: freedom from favoritism, self-interest or     indulgence of one's likes and dislikes; abiding by the rules of a contest and        accepts  victory or defeat graciously

15Patience: not being hasty or impetuous  

16. Self Esteem : Pride & belief in oneself and in achievement of one’s potential

17. Knowledge: Learning, understanding & awareness

18. Moderation ; avoidance of unreasonably extreme views or measures

19. Cleanliness : Good Habits of personal hygiene & grooming

20. Accountability: Responsibility of one’s actions & their accountability.

21. Self Control & Virtue : Exercising authority over one’s emotions

22. Frugality : effective use of resources , thrift 

23. Civilty & Cheerfulness: Courtesy & politeness in action & speech.

24. Compassion, Kindness & Generosity : Concern for suffering or distress for others       & response to their feelings & needs 

25. Courtesy & Cooperation: Recognition of mutual interdependence with others       resulting in polite treatment & respect for them. 

3.   Why ‘The Explore Ville School’ is the first choice for parents?


Children from diverse backgrounds are given the opportunities to develop and enhance their innate talents and abilities. Expect our students to be confident, well-spoken    and equipped with the capacity to bring change!


Qualified and extensively trained teachers who nurture appreciation and in depth understanding of the subjects. All subject teachers are trained, monitored and evaluated by the RSS. The positive change in your child will be a testimony of the dedication and devotion of the teachers.


Our unique curriculum designed in house specifically caters to the changing trends and it will encourage students and teachers alike to adopt newer and innovative approaches to both learning and teaching.

Interactive Classrooms:

Learning curves of the students expand when they are taught in depth, rewarded and motivated generously, instructed with care & empathy and given a visually stimulating environment.

Extra –curricular Activities:

Children are taken on field trips to enhance and enrich their exposure to various facets of life.

English as Medium of Instruction:

Special focus and attention is given to improving the verbal skills of the students. Our Staff is proficient in English and children are encouraged to use English as means of communication.

Nationwide Presence:

Our school network across the nation will enable parents to easily transfer their children from one campus to the other without disrupting their studies.

Sibling Discounts:

Parents who have a number of children studying in the same branch can avail huge discounts.


4.   Why The Explore Ville Schools Is The First Choice For Teachers:


Be a part of a growing network of an innovative school where you will get the opportunity to excel and challenge yourself to achieve yet higher results.


Discover and use innovative approaches to teaching as opposed to the traditional ones, we give you the chance to grow and communicate your experience to students.

Professional Development:

Knowledgeable teachers are the competitive edge of any school. Our teachers are trained extensively by both in-house and external trainers.


We encourage women and minorities to apply at Innovators, safe and secure work environment.


5.   The Explore Ville  School Approach:

       The main focal areas for development in the Explore Ville School will be:

Critical Thinking

The Explore Ville Schools promote thinking and creativity. We believe teaching has to allow students to determine for themselves when and how they learn. Our curriculum helps students to become flexible thinkers who question existing thinking, adapt and creatively meet the demands of the future.

ICT Literacy

At The Explore Ville Schools, students are provided with opportunities to develop their Information and Communication Technology skills and expand their horizons through enquiry, exploration and decision making. At The Explore Ville Schools,  Technology is used as a tool and would be integrated into the curriculum rather than be taught separately as an end in itself.

Values Inculcation

Teaching in school should help students develop sound moral reasoning skills to reach the higher stages of moral development.  Students are taught healthy, social attitudes and a spirit of humanity, providing the ethical foundations and social skills to guide them through life. A variety of activities and experiences based on the understanding of universal values teach students to make positive contributions to others, their schools and community.

Student Led Learning

Our Teaching Methodology to a large extent focuses on student led learning where teachers act as facilitators & guides.


6.   Explore Ville Schools Pre School  Approach

Personal Development:

This approach requires children to explore their surroundings, have the confidence in their evolving abilities, establish friendships with their peers and adults and learn the   concept and the importance of sharing.


Children on interaction with their peers are quick to develop conversational skills, their vocabulary increases thus helping them to express their experiences and their ability   to listen to and talk about stories. Importance is also laid on building knowledge of students about the world in general, cultures, professions and technology

Reasoning & Logic:

This focuses on improving the understanding of patterns and shapes, use of numeracy to answer questions like how many, how much, how far and how big.

Physical and Creative Development:

Different activities are designed to improve the motor skills of the children-increasing control over both large and small movements thus impressing upon them the importance of looking after their bodies. Children are familiarized with use of paints, materials, music and dance to express their feelings.






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