Explore Ville Schools Directors Note
Directors Note

I am often asked what makes The Explore Ville Schools unique. The answer is very simple at EVS your child gets the holistic development experience.  At The Explore Ville Schools, we aim to provide an attractive and secure learning environment which supports the development of the whole child. This means that we try to develop not only the intellectual abilities of each pupil but also the social, emotional, physical, moral and spiritual aspects of the child. We expect high standards in all subjects. We have a strong emphasis on English, Math and ICT. High standards are important in laying the foundation for future achievement and economic well being. At the core of EVS philosophy is the goal to develop students with strong problem-solving and analytical abilities and to equip them with the skills that they need to succeed in their higher education and future careers. Our students should be independent thinkers with the ability to create, innovate, and support the economic and social progression of Pakistan.

In our school we aim to develop a system in which learning will be self directed, individually-paced, continuous and reflective and teaching focus shift from being teacher-centered to student-centered, supported by a flexible and need-based curriculum.  The emphasis would be on learning and not on teaching. In order to realize this vision environment would be created where children want to learn. Knowledge is not just imparted but students are trained to experiment, collate information, draw inferences and to arrive at their own conclusions. We believe that real learning comes from doing things, taking the knowledge thus learnt and applying it in other situations. We expect our children to become confident learners who enjoy school and achieve highly.

At The Explore Ville Schools we celebrate our diversity and achievement. Children enjoy and get the best out of learning opportunities in a caring and positive environment. Through imaginative and flexible focused learning, children strive to achieve well. Our child centered culture enables children to develop, grow and establish positive attitudes. Children learn to respect themselves, others and the world in which we live. The Explore Ville Schools are forward thinking schools. We adapt to evolving technologies and global developments. Our children are prepared for the challenges of the future.

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